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Learning to Weave
D. Chandler


You Can Weave
Projects for
Young Weavers

The Ashford Book
Textures & Towels

Weaver's Companion
Loom Plans
by Roeckler
  Crackle Weave
M. Snyder
Navajo Weaving:
The Path from Fleece to Rug
Complete Book of Network Drafting
M. van der Hoogt
Contents include: basic weaves, blocks, unit weaves, graph paper & design sheets



Ashford Book of Projects for the 8 Shaft Loom


Covers traditional weaves, shawls and scarves, summer & winter and backed weaves for clothing.

Ashford Book of Weaving for Knitters


25 easy scarf projects using fancy yarns and the Ashford knitter's loom. Can be used with any rigid heddle loom.

The Book of Looms/Eric Broudy


A history of the handloom from ancient times to the present.

Card Weaving or Tablet Weaving/R. Groff


Complete instructions plus 53 patterns for card or tablet weaving.

Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding/ Turner


Basic techniques and patterns of the North American Plains and Woodlands Indians. Also several Peruvian designs. Completely diagrammed and illustrated directions.

Four Harness Huck/ E. Neher


Complete reference and patterns for huck weaving. First printing 1953. Soft cover.

Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving/ B. Davenport


Tried and true text for rigid heddle weaving. Great for beginners and those looking for new ideas.

Lace and Lacey Weaves/ M. Snyder


A Compilation of 86 lace and lacey weave projects with complete worksheets. 101 pgs. First printing 1960. Soft cover.

Mexican Motifs/ H. Tidball


Shuttle Craft Monograph Six. Printed 1962. Contains info on Mexican weaving and some history. Includes patterns for: Mexican quesqimitl, a cotton shawl in leno or gauze weave, a fine cotton warp-pattern fabric, the oaxaca belts, and a Mexican man's jacket.

Mexican Textiles


How mexican textiles are dyed, woven and finished.

Spectatular photos.

The Tartan Weaver's Guide/ J. Scarlett


142 tartans in color with historical notes, 228 thread counts and guidance for weavers. Hard cover and in color. Pages are un-numbered.

Weaving a Navajo Blanket/ Reichard


Black & white. 97 illustrations & photos.

All you need to know to weave an American treasure.